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DIY at home! We've made our nature color wheels into an easy at home project. These nature color wheels are perfect for your outdoor adventures, find something of that color and pin it on.


You may purchase a project for each child or do one color wheel as a family. You will be able to pick out your 12 colors that you would like on your wheel (color inspiration charts in the photos). After all the pieces are painted you will help the kids glue them on. You will also receive a laminated color theory chart to learn more about the color wheel and a worksheet that the kids can take home and practice with.


In the photos we have color inspiration charts to choose a color palette from. We will match the paint as color as possible to the color chart. If you have paint at home, no need to purchase that part from us.


You will receive:

  • Written Instructions
  • 8in round wheel
  • 12 color pieces
  • Superglue
  • 12 clothespin
  • Color theory chart (laminated)
  • Worksheet for each child (let us know how many in the options)
  • Paint, paint brush, modge-podge (not required), foam brush (option to add or use your own)

Nature Color Wheel Take-Home Kit

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