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Harrison Family Adoption Fundraiser

We all know the incredible power of love and family. For the Harrison family, that love has led them on a journey to adoption, and we're excited to invite you to join us in making a meaningful impact in their lives.

At Charming Finds, we believe in the importance of supporting one another, especially during life-changing moments like adoption. That's why we're thrilled to announce our shopping fundraiser in collaboration with the Harrison family, who are in the process of adopting a child and could use a helping hand.

How You Can Contribute From now through the holiday season, when you shop on our website at, a percentage of every sale will be donated back to the Harrison family. It's a simple way to make a big difference! Our online store is filled with a wonderful collection of customized gifts, perfect for everyone on your holiday list this year. From personalized ornaments to unique customized home decor, there's something for everyone.

Here's how you can participate:

  1. Visit and browse our wide selection of products.

  2. Select the items you'd like to purchase and add them to your cart.

  3. At checkout, make sure to enter "Harrison Family" in the designated fundraiser box.

With every purchase, you're not only getting a beautiful gift but also contributing to a loving family's dream of welcoming a new member. Every dollar counts and helps them move one step closer to their goal.

"We are the Harrison family! We have five beautiful children (including two sets of twins) and we have room in our hearts and home for more. We are adopting a waiting child from Bulgaria, and we feel so excited to have the opportunity to grow our family through adoption."

To read more of their story and to make a financial donation to support this wonderful family visit the link below.

We are happy to have created this "Love Makes A Family" sunshine magnet in support of the Harrison Family. Available in two different sizes.

Spread the Word In addition to shopping on our website, you can also support the Harrison family by spreading the word about this fundraiser. Share this blog post with your friends, family, and on social media to increase awareness and encourage others to join in. Remember, when you shop at, enter "Harrison Family" in the fundraiser box at checkout, and let's create a ripple of love and support that will reach far beyond the holiday season. Thank you for making a meaningful impact on this beautiful journey of adoption.

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